Prepovedane droge

I have problems with the use of illicit drugs. Where to get help?

Prepovedane droge

In Slovenia, a network of sources of help has been developed over the years in the field of treatment of drug users, which are accessible within the health care system and through harm reduction programs in the field of drugs and homelessness. The list of providers includes information on health and social services for people who have problems with drug use.

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If you have problems with the use of illicit drugs, you can contact the Centres for the Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction (Table 1), where you can join the maintenance substitution program, the program (outpatient) detoxification and psychosocial treatment.

Harm reduction programs in the field of drugs (Table 2) within day centers and field work provide various low-threshold services for active drug users. They offer psychosocial counseling, practical help and support in integrating into everyday life. They also provide the service of replacing sterile accessories for safe drug use, distribute medical supplies and condoms, and at the same time advise on reducing the risks of behaviors related to drug use and risky sexual behavior.

You can also contact other programs in the field of social rehabilitation and reintegration of addicts (Table 3). They provide integrated treatment after the process of addiction treatment or self-established abstinence for people who need help to reintegrate into the social environment and lay the foundations for lasting abstinence and stable life orientation. Programs take place in day care centres, therapeutic communities, communes or counselling and information offices.

The list of institutions, which is updated regularly, is available on this link.

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